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                          We  represent  to  you   "SECRET"  Band :
                                           ( from Bulgaria )

   The members of   “SECRET” Band are true professionals and they do their job well. Their repertoire is rich and nice and the Band all really love to enjoy people by playing music.

   “SECRET”   Band are:

1. Adriana - keyboard, vocal. A whole-purpose musician. One of the best vocal teachers, famous for the creation of the vocal-theatrical children formation "Vrabchetata"(working with them for 7 years), a vocal teacher in "Silvia Music" recording studio in Bulgaria. Her students have been prized with different international music prizes; some of them are now working in South Korea, other are building a solo career. She herself was working in South Korea in 2005 and 2006-2008.

2. Veselin - guitar, vocal. A very good modern style guitar player, took part in many formations that played at the Bulgarian seaside (1994-1999), Norway (2001-2005) and South Korea (2006-2008). Also he won 4-th place with the choir of "Sedianka" - Bulgaria at the International Choir Festival in Montreaux, Swiss. Veselin is more than familiar with synthesizer, computer and non-computer editing and music arrangements.

3. Ivajlo - drums, vocal. Very good drummer and singer, he worked in various formations in Norway (1998) and South Korea (2004-2005 and 2006-2008). He has his own songs recorded and 3 of them are released by some Bulgarian radios. He is now preparing to release his own album at the BG music market.

4. Marieta - singer. She is a great singer with a charming voice. Marieta sings since she was very young, beginning in the mr. Sarandev's vocal school. There she took part in different singing competitions, Bulgarian and international. She was in 2 master classes: the one of Vicky Almazidou and the one of Milcho Leviev. She won "Little Star Competition" in Shumen, Bulgaria, "Sarandev Competition"- the audience's prize, "Stars are Rising Competition" in the city of Rouse- the communal prize, "Petrich singing competition"- 3d prize and also taking part in various festivals in Turkey and Poland.  Right now she is a student 3d year in "New Bulgarian University" in the Pop and Jazz singing class of mrs. Alice Bovaryan. Also she works in a piano bar in Sofia. She loves the stage and the stage loves her!

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