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                 We  represent  to  you   "SAFFARI"  Band :
                                     ( from Romania )

  Rellu & Catalina formed "SAFFARI" band in 1982. They have a long work experience in their native country, Romania. In 1999, they signed on for their initial performances in Antalya, Turkey. They were a success there from the start, having expanded their repertoire to include pop - rock, dance, country, blues and boogie.

  "SAFFARI" band's international and huge Repertoire of commercial music is extensive and ensures that everyone will be entertained with favorites from the 60's to the present day. They sing in 8 languages including English, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Gypsy and Romanian. The band full line up includes Catalina - lead vocals, Rellu - all solo guitars, Marcell - bass & lead vocals, Allin & Leonard - all keyboards & vocals, Dan Cosmin occasional drums.

  Last year "SAFFARI" band were delighted to perform at 10 venues including most popular clubs & hotels in Tunisia, Europe (Bulgaria, Italy & sea-boat at Italy, Greeks cruises company and even a great live rock concert at Dracula castle).

  Hot or cool, this dynamic band creates the sound of a full function band but is economical with space and your budget. "SAFFARI" band is a 5 - piece band featuring all disco pop rock melodies of the world. They've been working in the following areas like Turkey, Tunisia, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Malta.

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