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                  We  represent  to  you   "NEW FAMILY "  Band :
                                         ( from Bulgaria )

   Plamen - Guitars, Vocals
   Albena - Vocals, Piano, Percussions, Xylophone
   Rositsa - Vocals, Keyboard, Percussions
   Ruslan - Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars

   "New Family" Band was created in the autumn of 2001. Everyone of it's members has a rich work experience abroad.

   Ruslan had been working in Norway during 1998-2001:"Rica Hotels" - Fauske, Havesund, Kristiansund, MS "Peter Wessel",etc.

   Albena, Plamen and Rositsa had worked in
: "Sahara Hotel", "Beach Club" Hotel - Agadir,
:"Titanic Beach Resort Hotel", "Alba Resort Hotel" - Antalya.

   The Band has been worked and is still working at the best hotels in the town of Russe - Bulgaria and at the Beach Sea resorts.

   "New Family" Band offers a wide international repertoire in different musical styles. It has it's own musical equipment and stage costume.

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