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                    We  represent  to  you   "M.I.T"  Band :
                                         ( from UK )

   M.I.T (Made in Taiwan) are a live energetic covers band, with a wide and varied list of classic floor-fillers.

   Primarily the band consists of a four piece (bass, drums, guitar/vocals and female vocals), but can be flexible up to a six or seven piece when required.

   Formed during a tour of Taiwan and the Far East (hence the name M.I.T) by founding members Maria and Stephen the band has gone from strength to strength.

   The M.I.T. style has the feel of soul dance, delivering both a stylish and powerful vocal performance backed by a solid live band you can't help but get caught up in the moment.

   60's to present day, the M.I.T. play a range of rock, pop and acoustic numbers with a selection of original songs to complete the blend. If you take a look at their song list sample, you'll see how various it is.

   The M.I.T. is based in Cornwall, England, and is available to play any time, any place and anywhere from pubs to parties, to UK & overseas residencies.

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