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                      We  represent  to  you   "LINK"  Band :  
                                        ( from Bulgaria )

   The band was established in December, 2003 in Sofia by Tania (vocals) and George (bass guitar). Later, the group joins Javor (drums), Ivelin (solo guitar) and Julian (keyboards). Although the group members have diverse music tastes, that does not disturb their team work.

   "Link" wins a famous radio competition "BG talents" for authors' music in December, 2003 with one of their songs "A desert in the sea".

   The band is oriented to pop, rock and dance music styles. In parallel with playing cover versions of songs, "Link" makes also authors' music which will probably take its place in the Bulgarian popular music. The group has a great number of appearances on small as well as big scenes - participations in music clubs in Sofia ("The Mask", "Funky's Music hall", "Bowling Extreme Center", "Swingin' Hall", "Backstage", "Murphy's", etc.) and in the country.

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