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We  represent  to  you   "LE  MIRAGE"   Band:

   A distinct collection of  exceptional musical artists who have further enhanced  their  God-given talents , quite apparent  in every performance. They have honed their craft  all  throughout  their extensive performances in their country and abroad.

"Le Mirage"  was originally formed as a show band in Manila. Though they have mostly been out of the country, they have also performed in major entertainment venues locally. Having arrived recently from a very successful stint in Japan , they are back to once again conquer the ears and hearts of their notably discriminated countrymen.

1998  was  a  memorable year for them. Having bested all participants of the  “Battle of the Bands” , a yearly competition held in Bahrain which included contestants from different nationalities. They emerged as the champion , a feat that catapulted them as among the most popular bands attracting more and more audience that ensues nightly jam-packed performances.

"Le Mirage"  consists of six members :  3  female vocals , drummer , guitarist and keyboardist.
They are just too good to be true.

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