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We  represent to you  "JUICE":
             ( from   UK )

"Juice"  is a Band that sets a new standard in quality and professionalism. Their show would make a lasting impression. A dynamic and versatile performance with incredible energy and just enough attitude to make audiences Sit Up. Take notice. Get up and boogie!

"Juice"  represents one of England’s best covers Band. They are well established , having years of experience on land and abroad.

   The core of 
"Juice"  is a four - piece line up. A female vocalist and male keyboard player/vocalist front the band, with bass and drums in support.

   However , the line up is flexible and can be expanded to incorporate a guitar , a second female vocalist , a horn (sax or trumpet) section , percussion , or the whole shebang! For smaller or quieter venues , the duo may be more appropriate.

"Juice"  had moved away from “the norm” however, they have not turned their backs on what’s tried and true. They have developed a repertoire that is much broader than average , but they also do the classics that take audiences back to their first school dance.

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