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                   We  represent  to  you   "HOT NEWS"  Band :
                                         ( from Bulgaria )

   Valentin - (Drums and Percussion) - On the professional scene he plays from 1992 year. His favorite styles are Progressive and Funk, but he can play everything, because Valentin is one of the best Drummer in Bulgaria.

   Diana - (Lead Vocal) - On the professional scene she's play from 1995 in Cyprus (hotels), Turkey (hotels), Seoul - South Korea (hotels and pub's),
Daegu - South Korea (Woobang Land).
   She plays on acoustic Guitar, Percussion and alt Saxophone.

   Kris - (Guitars, Vocals) - The Band leader. He plays profesional with music from 1990. Kris plays with some different musical formations and rock groups.

   Petio - (Keyboards, Trombone and Vocals) - He joins with the band early this year. Between 2000 and 2006 year he played on Black Sea's Hotels and Night, Pop and Rock Clubs in Bulgaria and Europe.
   His favorite musical style Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop and etc.

   Plamen - (Bass Guitar and Vocals) - He plays on guitar from 5 years old. Plamen plays with many bands before he comes to "HOT NEWS BAND".

   The Band can speak well English, Bulgarian, Deutch and Russian.

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