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We  represent  to  you   "HAPPY NIGHT"  Band :
( from Romania )

   "HAPPY NIGHT" is a 4-piece band consisting of 3 men and a female singer.

   Adrian is the bandleader. He says: "we are an entertainment band with a lifetime of experience, since we are a family".

   Whether you want the customers who are having dinner at your restaurant to listen to good music while enjoying their meal or have a really good time dancing and drinking at your bar, they are the best choice.

   The people who listen to them always come back for more. Their main asset is the fact that they are a family (father and 2 sons) together with a wonderful female singer, with the following setup: keyboards, guitar and drums, along with 4 great voices. Great singing, great vocals, great coordination, great instrumentalists, that's what they are.

   They don't use a sequencer - all you hear is played live, with the help of an arranger. Take some time to listen to their music, watch their show and make the right choice.

   "HAPPY NIGHT" is also available as a 6-piece band /with two female singers/, depending on the contract details.

If  you  prefer   "HAPPY NIGHT"  Band    please  contact  us.
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