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We  represent  to  you   "GENESIS TWO"  Band :
( from Philippines )

  It isn't everyday that the customer gets more than they asked for. That's the success attributed to "GENESIS TWO". Night after night they deliver the kind of music that makes you want to come back.

  One nights performance might start off with a Retro number, or even Latin Music, and then ends up with something as complex as Jazz. With a Repertoire that seems to never end, it is difficult to know whether you have heard them play that particular song, or arrangement of that song before.

  With Cindy at the microphone, it is not easy to take your eyes away, even to order the next round. Her beauty and exceptional voice lead this band far past the others. And the Rhythm section, well, you just can't describe their versatility. It is maybe the best the Philippines have to offer.

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