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  We  represent  to  you   "FAST  TRACK"   Band :
( from  
Philippines )

"Fast Track"  Band  have  a  long  professional experience  in  many  places  and  venues  for  different occasions  locally and abroad. The  band  has a wide list of  Repertoire  from US chart  to UK chart , which is R&B, Rock , Pop , Soul  and  Dance music , etc.

  They consists of seven members:

Vanessa  -  vocals 
Oz   -  vocals
Lester  -  vocals
Elmer  -  bass
Dinno  -  guitars
Ferdie  -  keyboards
Chris  -  drums

   Entertaining , they  have  their  own  way  to  involve  the audience  capturing  its attention  from  the  beginning  to the  end  of  their  show.

   They  are  good  enough to know how to do it , and they just  do  it !

If  you  prefer   "FAST TRACK"  Band   please  contact  us.   You  will  receive  a  full  promo  pack 
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