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              We  represent  to  you   "ERIDAN"  Band :
                                  ( from Bulgaria )

   Rock Band "ERIDAN" is power packed rock - band which consists of 4 members. Their composition of having a males frontliners makes them a unique ensemble In their every performance.

   This energetic Rock-Band captures the audience attention with their close and well coordinated choreography. Likewise, the band good vocal capabilities and tight harmony comes very naturally to them. The group definitely creates a strong visual act and they can set the evening from a warm and easy and listening music mood to setting the stage ablaze with their feet -tapping and fingers-snapping up-tempo numbers.

   Rock Band "ERIDAN" performs to the very best with so-full-of energy & heart-throbbing music. That the audience will inevitably want to jump up & dance sing along.

   In future the band wish to bring their size & quality of entertainment into more leading Rock Clubs, Hotels in any corner of the World.

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