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         We  represent  to  you   "EMERALD CITY"  Band :
                                  ( from   USA )

  JENNIFER:  Lead vocals,Percussion,Keyboards - as one third of the powerful singers in the front line,Jennifer has been performing since she was just a child. She started out in beauty pageants,becoming  MISS  CA  in 1990,and has been performing in various clubs and casino`s all over the USA. She most recently has been performing on cruise ships,traveling throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.
  ELANA:  Lead vocals,Percussion,Keyboards  - Morgan is one third of the powerful singers in the front line. She has also been singing since she was a child. She has graced many Casino Stages in Las Vegas and throughout the USA,with her electrifyng soulful voice. Teamed with Jennifer & Michelle they combine their singing,dancing , and comedic talents for a fabulous show.
  MICHELLE:  Lead vocals,Percussion,Keyboards - she is the last third of the amazing  "EMERALD CITY"  front line.  Michelle is a veteran singer / musician. She has been in shows such as,"Legends in Concert” and “Playboy’s Girls of Rock”. She is also the choreographer of the group. She has also toured throughout the world with several production shows. Michelle is also a very accomplised lyricist.
RENE:  Lead Guitar,Lead Vocals,Keyboards - Rene,a musician for over 15 years , has toured all over the USA,ASIA,the Caribbean and EUROPE.  Aside from being a fabulous Guitar player and singer,he is a creative and talented songwriter and arranger.
STEPHEN:  Keyboards,Saxophone,Lead Vocals - Stephen is a talented musician from New York. He has been playing the Casino circuit in Las Vegas,Reno,Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City.  Stephen graduated from S.U.N.Y Brockport,earning a well-deserved music degree. He is also a talented song writer and has his own Record Label - “PS 45455“
  DAN:  Drummer,Percussion,Lead & Background Vocals - Dave is a veteran musician from New York and has been playing for over 20 years. He has played with various style bands and has toured all over the worldDave is one half of the powerful rhythm section.
SCOTT:  Bass Guitar,Lead & Background Vocals,Keyboards - also from NY , Scott has been playing with Dave for over 20 years,touring all over the world. As musical director and the other half of the booming rhythm section,he completes the explosive team "EMERALD CITY"!

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