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                     We  represent  to  you   "CONEXION LATINA"  Band :
                                               ( from Colombia )

   “CONEXION LATINA” Band is from Colombia. This Latino Band is hot and professional musicians – the music is their life.

   They was working in Colombia, UAE  (Hilton Hotel - RAK - Havana Bar - 2005-2006),  also in Egypt (Baron Resort and Baron Palms -  Sharm al Sheik - 2006) and etc.

   Repertoire of “CONEXION LATINA” Band include all kind of Latin and International music in different Languages (Spanish, English, Portugal, Italian and etc.) and styles, but mostly Latino Music like.

   They play well  Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cuban rhythm, Bolero, Ballad pop, Mexican and Colombian Cumbia, Latin jazz, bossanova, lambada, cha cha cha, pop rock, samba, rock and roll, big band, discotheque music, reggae, reggaeton and more by Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Celia Cruz, Juanes, Shakira, Cristina Aguilera, Gloria Stefan,UB40, Enrique iglesias, Los Lobos,Elvis Crespo, Gloria Gaynor, Aventura, Santana, Madonna, O-zone and more.

   All the members of “CONEXION LATINA” Band are professional singers and musicians – they play so well Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone and Guitar. In their line up you will find two young and beautiful girls that always dance and sing.

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