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We represent to you "BLUE" Band:
                ( from   Bulgaria )

    “Blue Band”  has  a  long  history.   After  the  mid-90’s
Mr. Valentino  founded  a  new  6-membered  orchestra  and named  it  that  way.   As  a  trained  Band  leader , experienced  in variety  show  programs  Valentino  gives  a  new  direction  of  the Blues.   The  new  group’s   repertoire  tends  to  gain  Norwegian pub`s  audience’s  attention  by  its  plenty  of  popular  songs  and melodies  covered , carefully  selected  and  responding  the  needs of  clients  comfort  and  entertainment.

“Blue Band”  touring  program  includes  contracts  with  “Color Festival”  A/S  Color  Line  (performing  with  the  Golden  Orpheus Award  winning  singer  Mr. Scott Fitzgerald) , Scandinavian Seaways  DFDS  Company , “Rozenkranz  Bar” , Bergen ; ”Alexsandra Hotel” , Loen ;  “Bristol Hotel” , Oslo ;  ”Radisson  SAS Lillehammer  Hotel” , “Faregnes  Hotel” , Faregnes  etc.

    The  Band’s  new  concept  is  a  contemporary  interpretation  of the  old  retro  songs  and  melodies  (evergreens , tangos , waltzes, etc.)  in  a  combination  with  the  new  tendencies  of  the  modern dance  music  hits  (90’s, 00’s).   A 
100 %  live music , so  that employers  to  be  able  to  count  on  the  Blue  any  time  they  need  an  excellent  entertainer  for  their  necessities.

Valentin -  drums , vocals
Emiliya   -  vocals , viola , percussion
Ivan         -  keyboards , vocal , piano
Plamen   -  bass , trombone , vocals
Veselin   -  saxes , flutes , percussion , additional kbs , vocals
Danail     - guitar , vocals

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